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Oktober 2018 -   our young stallion at Münster, now they are gelding and for sale

                                   Dante Weltino x Sandro Hit                                     Apache x Rohdiamant


September 2018 - Batida Weissena and Anja Langenberg were sucessful at championchip.

August 2018   -  Congratulations to Lena and Stanley ( Serano Gold x Weissena Pur ) on their both wins  at forth level with a 69 score.

May 2018 -      3 beautyfull fillys born at our barn




Febuary 2018 -  Sansa Weissena    by St. Schufro x Weissena Pur by Rohdiamant, 4 weeks after broken in



September 2017 -  our young stallions at grassland


                                       Apache x Rohdiamant                                              Dante Weltino x Sandro Hit


September 2017 - Saphira Weissena was succesful again with Laura Blackert. 1. place at  dressagehorse class A.

August 2017   -  Congratulations to Lena and Stanley ( Serano Gold x Weissena Pur ) on their win today at 3rd level with a super score in the 70's

                                Photo : Carin Lennox

May 2017        -   Weissena and her 14. foal.       Filly by Apache KWPN


May 2017         -   Saphira Weissena ( San Amour x Weissena Pur ) was successful at a competition in Wickrath.


October 2016 -   Batida Weissena was very successful in 2016. 12 victories at 2016 in dressagehorse class A and L.

                               She is making a break now, because she is pregnant.

                               Batida 2016         ( Photo Langenberg )


May 2016-         the last foal is born , colt by Dante Weltino x Sandora


April 2016-      2 healthy colts are born

                           Domini x Likoto xx  ( 3 days old )                       Apache x Rohdiamant  ( 1 day old )



                          -  St.Pr.An. Batida Weissena ( Bordeaux x Rohdiamant) was successful again

                             1. place at  dressagehorse class L and 3. place at  dressagehorse class A.

                                      ( Foto Meyer )

March 2016 -      Our first foal in 2016 ,

                            Fashion Maker x Jazz x Rohdiamant, filly, mareline of Weissena ( Weihegold )

                                        Fashion Maker x Jazz


Januar 2016  -       St.Pr.St. Gina Weissena ( Gribaldi x Rohdiamant ) was successful in dressage competition.

                                    1. and 2. place   Dressage M *** .



September 2015 -    St.Pr.An. Batida Weissena  successful in dressage competition.

                                      1. place in dressage horse class A, with a score from 8,3.

August 2015 -         Amigo v. Abanos was successful at his first riding horse competition with a score from 7,5.


Juni 2015 -             St.Pr.An. Batida Weissena also successful in dressage competitions. 1. place in riding horse class and 1. place in

                                   dressage horse class A with her owner Anja Meyer. Congratulation

                                      Foto owner

Mai 2015 -                Batida Weissena ( Bordeaux and  Weissena Pur ) was honored with state premium.

                                   Her mare test was successful, with scores from 8,0 and 8,5 test rider 9,0

                                   Royal Rubin 16 ( Rubin Royal and Sandora ) was successful with Frank Mohr ; 2. place Dressage S*

Februar 2015 -        St.Pr.St. Gina Weissena ( Gribaldi and Weissena Pur ) has new owners and lives in Wellington USA now.

                                    Foto owner


Oktober 2014  -      Fiodora was succesful at dressage competition in France with her owner.

                                           Foto Mathilde Franchomme

 Oktober 2014  -       Babett  from Bodyguard and Latoya from Lancer 2

                                                      our new foal, rearing partner from Vienna Weissena



 September 2014  -    Royal Rubin 16 successful in Grand Prix with Antonia Fangmann


 September 2014  -    For Sinclair  arrives at his new home in France with good health. His owner is very happy.


                                                                Foto owner         



September 2014 -    Batida Weissena ( Bordeaux x Rohdiamant ) 3 years old

                                     1. Place with a score from 8,1 / riding horse class, 3 and 4 year old horses

                                          Bordeaux x Rohdiamant 3 years old     1. Place

 January 2014 -     Sandoras son Royal Rubin 16 was successful in dressage advanced class S in Germany, 3. place with Frank Mohr

January 2014 -     The year starts with a loss

                                         We unfortunately had to euthanize our oldest broodmare Nordlicht.


                                  She was for 16 years a loyal partner and has given life to 9 fantastic foals . We miss her.


October 2013 -    Donovan by Diamond Hit and our Nordlicht is winning in Dressage horse class A with Jill de Ridder.

                          Also, the 4-year Simon by  Sandro Hit and Nordlichts daughter Rotlicht by Rosario is successful with Jill de Ridder.

                              look here:

September 2013 -   Weissenas son Stanley arrived in California

                                 Comment Mrs. Nordloff Davis :

                                "He is here! He is happy we celebrated his arrival with Champagne last night He is so sweet everyone is so exited! "

                                    Foto owner


October 2012 -       14.10.2012   Mjölby , Schweden
                                                Diamond Dancer 2. Place Prix St. Georges with 66.3% with Nina Hofmann- Küppers


September 2012 -     Sandoras son Royal Rubin 16  was Grand Prix successful in Canada

                                          original comment of the owner:

Royal Rubin

Rudy” has 3 excellent paces, and the work comes very easily to him. He made his debut in the FEI ring in 2012 with excellent scores in the mid 60′s at Prix St George.  This is a horse to go to the top with, having already shown to have a natural ability to passage and has started half steps, with the clear ability to do excellent piaffe soon.  His changes are confirmed with big, expressive, straight 4′s, 3′s, 2′s and can even do a few ones. This superb gelding is royally bred for dressage with Rubinstein on the father side and Sandro Hit on the mother side. His kind and willing attitude is a joy to work with. This is a very special horse."

Foto owner


 May 2012 -   Jamie Weissena by Jazz  and Weissena Pur by Rohdiamant was honored with the Oldenburg Verband Premium

Foto Wallrafen

April 2012 - Diva Exquisite by Diamond Hit completed her first  advanced S -level  dressage with  68 %

                       Foto owner


Feb 2012     - Nordlichts son Diamond Dancer 5 stayed in Germany and was successful with Leonie Bramall

                       Foto V. Dusche




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